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I don’t have the softest skin
I don’t have the smoothest voice

Along the way I’ve picked up some raspiness
Gathered some scars
Collected some texture

They say to bring your most powerful medicine
You have be a wounded healer
Walk the path of brokenness

So I keep letting the cracks on my heart open
Forget my perfect offering
Show up with what I have
Rough around the edges

If you too have
The fringe
The rust
The grit
Keep sharing your self

You have something to offer that the smooth, soft, and clear cannot

You bring a voice full with wisdom
From the dance with chaos and grace

Nov, 2022

It’s easier to believe in yourself when things go your way.
The true test of self love will be when life gives you something you cannot bare. Something you cannot bare.
A tragedy, a death, a disease, a grief
That breaks your heart
And fractures your sense of self
This is the initiation into the next level of self love

It’s easier to believe in yourself when things go your way.
But how do you believe in yourself when your life is crumbling around you?
How do you love yourself when you are facing your deepest fears?

Everyone who has the honor of aging will go through this initiation at some point
The dark night of the soul
A sacred passage into holding the wisdom of the ages.

It’s easy to fear that you will lose yourself as you go through this initiation
I’m here to reassure you that you will absolutely lose yourself
This initiation will change you
That is the point
To be transformed
To die and rebirth yourself.

Spring, 2023


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